Ashdown Mag 300

The MAG 300 has massive power and classic Ashdown tone.

The Ashdown Combo Bass Amp features a potent, fan-cooled 307W RMS power section and a 15″ Ashdown BlueLine speaker. Rotary bass, mid, and treble controls are supplemented by smaller rotary controls providing 15dB of cut and boost at 220Hz and 1.6kHz, making it a comprehensive 5-band EQ section. Additionally, front panel push switches for Bright and Deep settings provide instant access to either attacking or warm, rounded sounds. For enhanced low-end response, the MAG C115-300 EVO has Ashdown’s acclaimed sub-harmonic generator ready to take your tone on a deep dive. Inputs are provided for active and passive basses and the front panel also features an effects send and return, a tuner/line output and a balanced DI output for direct connection to a mixing console.

Ashdown BlueLine speakers achieve a superb balance of power, transparency and deep, controlled low end, without sacrificing any of the mid-band attack and high-end brightness that are so important in a modern bass sound.